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Why Smart Technology?

This website is all about Home and Office Smart Technology, Automation, and Innovations in both new and existing projects. For new homes and commercial facilities security, automation, power efficiency, video systems, audio systems and so forth are designed into the project upfront by the project architect and engineers. Most of this smart technology and automation is normally installed by the residential building contractor for homes or a commercial contractor in commercial applications within the scope of their initial contract.

Existing homes and facilities are a different story. They are one of the most under-served markets in the United States. Too often home and small business owners simply assume they cannot upgrade without extreme difficulty. In some cases that is true, but with the new products hitting the market monthly, upgrading is becoming a less daunting task.

In further postings we will offer assistance to existing home and small business owners for designing and installing their own Smart Tech and Automation systems if they so choose.

As Triple G Marketing, LLC, we are a full service residential and commercial general contractor in South Carolina. Complimenting our general construction operation, we offer tech and automation systems for commercial facilities and new homes within our service area. Installation of products featured or advertised here is only available by us within that service area. This RCIHOST website exists to be informative and offer great tech products to facility owners, DIY’ers and contractors within and outside of our service area.

We intend to post original proprietary reviews, analysis of products and systems, and links to other reputable websites containing solid and valuable information.

For openers there is a good article over at Electronic House about questions you might wish to consider before beginning your home automation project. Check it out here,

10 Questions to Ask When Considering a Home Automation System

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